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A.A.F.A.D. Now on YouTube

Posted in News from the SK Citadel on October 27, 2009 by Tonk

Stuck the A.A.F.A.D. Vid up on the ‘Tube. The quality is better if you watch it on the SK Site but if you’re in the mood then head over to YouTube and rate that shit! And then post it to all your friends! Link here:


SK A.C. Saga Screening wrap-up

Posted in News from the SK Citadel on October 23, 2009 by Tonk


Wow. Thanks for all the amazing feedback. The event at ACMI was a great success and thanks to all those who attended and stuck around for a great drinks session afterwards. For those who couldn’t make it, you missed out! But no fear, The Knights are here for you, on the web, now.

The support for SUBURBAN KNIGHTS has been overwhelming and it’s been great fun bringing you the latest installment. Where to now for the Knights? Well who knows. But while we’re busy figuring out what to do next, you can do us a massive favour by telling all your friends about the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS WEBSITE and getting them involved in the SK Community.

We conducted a small exit-poll after the screening. Here’s what some fans had to say:

  • “Yeah, not bad…”
  • “I turned up late and missed it!”
  • “The opening credits were great but it sorta went downhill from there.”
  • “Obi Wan-Ker is hot!…..he’s not gay is he?
  • “I’m telling George Lucas and he’s gonna sue your arses!
  • “Was better than Cloverfield”
  • “I can’t remember where I parked my car.”
  • And so on and so forth. As you can tell, the audience was blown away.

    Several people felt a bit sick during the course of the event. Best wishes to those guys and we hope you get well soon.

    In the meantime, keep watching your KNIGHT MOVES BLOG. And remember: The Knights will be with you…always!


    Posted in News from the SK Citadel on October 18, 2009 by Tonk

    Just a quick reminder that the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS: The Almost Complete Saga screening is a mere 3 days away!

    It’s all kicking off at The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) Federation Square, Melbourne on Wednesday October 21 at 7:30pm.

    Seating is very limited so if you wanna come along then just post your name in the comments section of this post. Hope to see you there. We can guarantee a few surprises!

    For those who can’t attend, EPISODE 2 can be viewed at the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS WEBSITE from October 22nd.

    Peace, bitches!

    A.A.F.A.D.: What does it all mean?

    Posted in News from the SK Citadel on September 28, 2009 by Tonk

    Well, we’re not telling..he he he…but tune to the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS website on Oct 22nd to find out!

    Yes. We are bastards.


    Google: Are they UFO Insiders?

    Posted in News from the SK Citadel on September 21, 2009 by Tonk

    What the Hell is going on over at Google HQ? Over the last few weeks their home screen banners have had cryptic UFO themes prompting the question: “What the fuck?”

    Why the UFO theme and why now? Is Google trying to tell us something? Are they prepping us for full disclosure or impending Alien Invasion?

    These eerie banners have all been linked to Google searches on UFO related topics such as Crop Circles. Click the banner and BOOM! up comes a Google search on all things UFO and paranormal. Sweet.

    Is this kinda subliminal weirdness someway of getting us all to suddenly start looking deeper into the UFO subject? I want answers, dammit! And I want ’em now! Seriously…I’m really bored at the moment and need something interesting to read…

    Anyway, if anyone knows anything about this, or if you happen to be on the [ahem!] ‘inside’ then please let me know. This shit is driving me nuts.


    UPDATE: Damn. Seems the weird banners were all a homage to H.G. Wells and his 143rd birthday…yeah ok, great writer, seminal visionary, yeah yeah. I dig that. But I was wanting something darker, man! I was hoping that some banner artist at Google was trying to to let us all know that the World’s largest search engine is actually being run by Alien Overlords from Zeta Reticuli. Or that Google reverse engineered a UFO toilet in order to invent Google! Damn. Why is reality so mundane?

    DISCLOSURE: It’s a comin’!

    Posted in News from the SK Citadel on September 17, 2009 by Tonk

    I love this shit. UFOs. A fascinating subject.

    Here’s a must watch vid from Dr Steven Greer, head of the privately run DISCLOSURE project.

    Open your minds people! Dr. Steven Greer The Promise of New Energy Video

    SK2: DONE

    Posted in News from the SK Citadel on August 20, 2009 by Tonk

    Hey fans. Thought I’d just let you all know that after more than a year, SUBURBAN KNIGHTS Episode 2: DEATH CRUSH is finally complete.

    “Well, where the Hell can I see it?!” I hear you all cry out in unison. Sadly the answer is: “Well I’m afraid you’re just gonna have to wait!”

    “But why, you bastard?!” you’re no doubt yelling at the screen as you read this.

    Well the reason is that we’re planning on screening Episodes 1 and 2 back-to-back at a major Melbourne facility in a couple of months. The screening is really a ‘thanks’ to all those who helped us put SK2 together. We really want SK2 to premiere on the big screen and get as many people along as possible so we can all come together and rejoice in the brilliance that is SUBURBAN KNIGHTS.

    If you’d like to come along to the FREE screening, please let us know. As the screening is private, we need to have a complete guest list on the door. This is to both keep the facility happy and to avoid any undesirables trying to sneak a peek at some real art that they would, quite frankly, fail to comprehend.

    EPISODE 2 will be online immediately following the screening. So all you International fans (and there are millions of you) will be able to see the film just a few hours after the premiere.

    So in the meantime, stay tuned to the SK BLOG. Screening details are due to be confirmed within the week. It should be a fun night. So please let me know if you’d like to come along and we’ll add your name to the list.