Darth Death and Obi Wan-Ker here coming to you live from our fortified stronghold, the SK CITADEL.

This is the Official Suburban Knights blog, dedicated to bringing you all the latest news on the Suburban Knights Saga and any other interesting pop-culture tid-bits that we deem noteworthy from all four corners of the World Wide Web.

Yeah, we know blogs are for nerds, but hey, at least we understand our audience.

If this is your first experience of the Knights, then be sure to check out the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS website for more!

May the Knights Be With You, acolytes!


2 Responses to “ABOUT THE KNIGHTS”

  1. Darth Death Says:

    Hmm, quite the predicament we have here, I have been using Darth Death for many years and now I have found the SK’s using my name. This can be quite confusing when people are trying to reach me, the REAL Sith Lord Darth Death!

    • suburbanknights Says:

      Ah well, DD2. In the wonderful world of the web there’s bound to be some overlap. Don’t stress, even if people do get us confused, just imagine how cool you’ll look when they think you’re one of the Suburban Knights! MTFBWY, bro.

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