Green Lantern: Kilowog Revealed

So there’s been a crap-load of GL movie news that’s been doing the rounds since I last reported on it (last year..ooops!). So I see little point in re-capping it here. If you have a general interest in the development of the Green Lantern Movie then you’ll be across most of the major news by now.

What I will say is that I reckon Ryan Reynolds is going to be great as Hal Jordan. The interviews of him that I’ve seen thus far all seem to suggest that he has a good handle on the character and really wants to do the right things by the property and by the fans. And the same must be said for Mark Strong who is playing Sinestro. Both these guys seem to be relishing their parts and as a fan of Green Lantern, this comes as a great relief. It’s certainly refreshing to see the stars of a major motion picture really digging their roles.

Anyway, on to the main reason for this post:

Today has seen the leaked image of Green Lantern Kilowog. Is this image legit? It seems so. Do I like it? Yeah, I think so.

For those unfamiliar with the character, he was first introduced in the mid Eighties as one of the alien GL’s assigned to Earth during the short lived Green Lantern Corps series (volume 2 issues 201-224). Later, in the early Nineties, Hal Jordan’s history and origin was re-worked during the famous ‘Emerald Dawn’ period and Kilowog was ret-conned to become a trainer of freshly recruited Green Lanterns and played a part in Hal’s early development as a Green Lantern. Over time, Kilowog’s importance as member of the GLC and his significance in GL mythology has grown and grown. Today, he is a firm fan favorite.

Kilowog is a character that is open to visual interpretation. His alien form has seen many variations throughout the 25 years that the character has been around. There really is no definitive version of Kilowog. Different comic artists like to interpret him in different ways and I see this movie version of him as a continuation of that. My main gripe is that I would have liked the lower jaw to be heavier. But hey, whatever. As with Hal’s costume that was revealed during the lead up to SDCC, I’ll reserve final judgement until I see it in action.


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