Too long between drinks…

Hi Knight-sters!

Sorry, it’s been far too long between blog posts. I dunno what went wrong…just kinda lost track of the whole blogging scene. I’ve been slack and that’s reprehensible! Not the sort of behaviour one would expect from a Dark Lord.

Ah well, stuff it. I’m here now and I’ll do my best to get the Knights’ Blog back on track.

So there’s not too much to report on the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS front. We’re constantly getting asked: “So when’s Episode 3 coming out?” To which I often reply: “Piss off and mind your own business!”. Which admittedly, is a bit harsh. But then again, I am a Sith, so you’d expect that kinda response from an evil bastard. Right?

The bottom line is, Episode 3 may or may not happen. It’s a sad fact I know. An outline does exist for what we want to do in Episode 3 but if and when it gets made depends on a great deal of variables; the main one being: “do I want to spend another year rotoscoping lightsabers after work?”. And while I admit that the idea of that is not too bad, it’s more a case of “do I want to dedicate time and resources to something derived (which SK is) or something more original?” To be totally honest, it’s more likely the latter.

Here at the SK Citadel, we have a number of, what we think, are really cool ideas for some short films and with any luck, we’ll get stuck into a few of those over the next 12 months. As I’ve said many times on this blog (when I actually get around to posting) making films is hard. And making non-funded short films is even harder. You gotta pull in a lot of favours, you run the risk of sending yourself broke and you become rather myopic in your world view. Other things, such as family, can get ignored. And at the moment, that’s not something we want to see happen.

SUBURBAN KNIGHTS has been really well received and we’re very thankful for that. We’d like to see it continue in some form, whether as another short film, an animation, or as some kinda video-blog. We really don’t know at this point. But in the meantime, keep the faith! The Knights are still around and still active, protecting the ‘hood from wankers and pretentious douche-bags. Hopefully you’ll see us turn up on the web or community TV sometime soon.



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