Bad Blogger

Yeah I know its been ages since this blog’s seen any action. What can I say? I’m a bad blogger. But shit, I’m not gonna post here just for the sake of it…but hang on, isn’t that exactly what I’m doing now? Damn, what a freakin’ hypocrite.

Anyways, I thought it best just touch base and ensure all the loyal SK fans that just because EPISODE 2 is in the can, it doesn’t mean that the Knights have gone away! But the reality is that news on the Knights and other crap what we find interesting is pretty slow at the moment. We’re taking a well earned rest for the coupla months, there’s next to no news on the Green Lantern film which we have been following closely and the whole Star Wars scene is eerily quiet at the moment with the exception of The Clone Wars Series 2 which Australia is still yet to cast eyes upon.

In the meantime, thanks again to all who have supported the Knights over the last year. 2010 will be sure to see some new material emanate from the halls of the Citadel so stay tuned!


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