GREEN LANTERN: Rorscharch as Sinestro?

Just found this tid-bit on the AintItCool website:

And ‘insider’ is reporting that WATCHMEN revelation Jackie Earle Haley maybe up for the role of arch villain SINESTRO in 2011’s GREEN LANTERN.

I’ve made it pretty well known to anyone who will listen that I consider WATCHMEN to be the the best film of 2009 and easily one of the best comic to film adaptations ever done. Haley’s portrayal of psycho-superhero Rorscharch was absolutely spot on and still gives me goosebumps whenever I watch it.

But is he right for Sinestro? Well I dunno. But I’m certainly open to the idea. Martin Campbell (director) has pulled off some pretty canny casting moves in the past. Maybe Haley as Sinestro could be his latest coup.

Personally, I would be looking for someone physically taller, broader and a little more menacing. But if this rumour proves true, then I’m happy to be proven wrong.



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