GREEN LANTERN Pulls stumps

As predicted, production of the GREEN LANTERN movie has left Australian shores. Well, to be honest, it never actually got here in the first place.

Seems the descent of the US dollar is no longer making off-shore production viable so it looks like the production will shift to Mexico or Canada.

As a massive fan of Green Lantern, I’m not too phased by this. As a movie goer it makes little difference to me where this film is shot but I am disappointed that our local film industry won’t get the boost that a production of this size would bring. I am kinda relieved that at least no Australian landmarks will creep their way into the film. I remember being taken aback while watching Ghost Rider when shots of the Yarra River and Telstra Dome made their way into the picture. I wanna escape with GREEN LANTERN and a shot of downtown Sydney doubling as Coast City won’t enable me to do that.

My main concern is that this could mean the relase date of GREEN LANTERN is once again pushed back. There’s no news yet regarding this, but I’ll be sure to report anything if it comes to light.

In the meantime, I hope you’re all enjoying BLACKEST NIGHT. I know I am!



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