A.A.F.A.D.: What does it all mean?

Well, we’re not telling..he he he…but tune to the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS website on Oct 22nd to find out!

Yes. We are bastards.



5 Responses to “A.A.F.A.D.: What does it all mean?”

  1. Hey,

    I really enjoyed a recent showing on C31, but I haven’t been able to successfully view it on your website (so I can show others) … are you thinking of putting something up on you tube ?

    • suburbanknights Says:

      Danny, I’ve just tested again in Firefox and its working ok. Check you have Quicktime 7 installed. Cheers and thanks for joining the Knights!!!

      And thanks for the the Tech feedback. We are going to switch site hosts very soon. We’re currently hosted offshore but we want to move to a Melbourne based host so the site gets faster.

  2. Found out what that issue was … You don’t support firefox ! … Only runs using IE ;-(

    • suburbanknights Says:

      Danny, thanks for your comments, man. The site should work fine on IE, Firefox and Safari. It’s been tested for all browsers. Are you running the latest version of Quicktime? I’ll look into it today and just check its working OK. The AAFAD video is on YouTube. I’ll post a link shortly (typing this from my phone). The two SK episodes are only available from the SK site. I may look into posting them to YouTube later this week. Anyway, glad you’re digging our stuff. Cheers!

    • suburbanknights Says:

      AAFAD is here:

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