Google: Are they UFO Insiders?

What the Hell is going on over at Google HQ? Over the last few weeks their home screen banners have had cryptic UFO themes prompting the question: “What the fuck?”

Why the UFO theme and why now? Is Google trying to tell us something? Are they prepping us for full disclosure or impending Alien Invasion?

These eerie banners have all been linked to Google searches on UFO related topics such as Crop Circles. Click the banner and BOOM! up comes a Google search on all things UFO and paranormal. Sweet.

Is this kinda subliminal weirdness someway of getting us all to suddenly start looking deeper into the UFO subject? I want answers, dammit! And I want ’em now! Seriously…I’m really bored at the moment and need something interesting to read…

Anyway, if anyone knows anything about this, or if you happen to be on the [ahem!] ‘inside’ then please let me know. This shit is driving me nuts.


UPDATE: Damn. Seems the weird banners were all a homage to H.G. Wells and his 143rd birthday…yeah ok, great writer, seminal visionary, yeah yeah. I dig that. But I was wanting something darker, man! I was hoping that some banner artist at Google was trying to to let us all know that the World’s largest search engine is actually being run by Alien Overlords from Zeta Reticuli. Or that Google reverse engineered a UFO toilet in order to invent Google! Damn. Why is reality so mundane?


3 Responses to “Google: Are they UFO Insiders?”

  1. Bored ? Check this out – why wait for the UFOs to discover us – when plenty are already making their own way into the realm beyond.

  2. I can’t believe they used UFOs and “flying saucers” to celebrate Wells’ birthday. Come on guys – Wells’ martians had tripods! Giant war machines with legs! Geez…

    Anyway, really I dropped by to show you this collection of superhero Facebook updates:

    Hilarious! You’ll like the GL one best. As a Kyle fan, I appreciated it.

    • suburbanknights Says:

      heh heh…yeah that’s pretty clever, Ben. Although they’re a little out of date with their info…Hal’s been back as Earth’s GL since 2004! Kyle’s punk-ass is now permanently assigned to Oa where it belongs!

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