Post #100

Yes! It only took about 2 and a half years of running this puerile blog, but we finally got the post count into triple figures. Of course, it means nothing. But it makes us feel better when we log into the blog dashboard.

This blog was originally set up to bring you all the news on the development of the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS production. But to be honest, that news is pretty much few and far between owing to the often drawn-out nature of self-funded filmmaking. So as a result, this blog has become more of a forum for us to rant about crap loosely related to Suburban Knights, Star Wars and just about anything that we think deserves to have something said about it.

We’ve said it before, but its worth stating again: making films is hard. Especially films that you’re paying for yourself. Everyone who has contributed towards the making of SUBURBAN KNIGHTS has done so either out of their own generosity or the fact that we nagged them to the point of near insanity. I’d just like to once again thank all those who’ve helped us make this rather self-indulgent, and lets face it, idiotic, little fan-film project happen. It’s near-impossible to make films on your own. You’re always going to need help. And we are very fortunate that help has always been available. Albeit on the promise of a free lunch and several slabs of beer!

So now SUBURBAN KNIGHTS Episode 2: DEATH CRUSH is complete and mere weeks away from debut. We can’t wait to unleash its raw artistic power on the poor, unsuspecting internet.

We hope you enjoy it. Sure, it’s stupid, pointless and says fuck all about the state of the World, Global Warming, Animal Cruelty or anything remotely relevant. But that’s the way we want it. For us, films are about escapism and having fun. And hopefully, if nothing else, that’s what you get from watching Suburban Knights. We know it’s not perfect, but then again, what is? ( maybe ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ ).

So be sure to check back here on October 22nd. That’s when SK2 will be online at the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS website. In the meantime, here’s a rare image of our elusive Producer wishing the SK Community all the best. He’s allowed out on weekends for good behaviour..



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