Damn Global Economy…It’s bad enough the stupid US Market screwed with our economy, now it threatens the much anticipated GREEN LANTERN MOVIE! Sons of bitches!

THIS ARTICLE reports that the production of the Green Lantern film may be in jeopardy due to the rising strength of the Australian dollar. The film was due to start shooting out here in 2010. One of the main reasons Hollywood likes to shoot in Australia is because of the better value for money. Now, with the value of the US dollar slipping, it seems the Green Lantern producers are having to reconsider where to shoot the film.

The release date for GREEN LANTERN has already been pushed back once. If the production moves location then certainly it will push the release date back further. I’m already struggling with the fact that I gotta wait 2 years for this thing. Any more delays and I may need therapy.

Anyway, check the article out for more details.



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