Star Wars vs Star Trek: No contest

Found THIS ENTRY over at GEEKDAD on Wired. It’s yet another article about Star Wars vs Star Trek. The author makes some rather sweeping observations such as this:

To the casual observer, Star Trek and Star Wars look a lot alike, beyond the obvious similarity between their names. Each has a lot of spaceships, strange worlds, ray guns, and aliens, many of whom look startlingly like humans with prosthetics and makeup.

which are quite honestly just bollocks. He fails to acknowledge the fact that Star Wars is cool, exciting, hard-core, cutting edge SciFi Fantasy whereas Star Trek is just gay. He also determines that Trek is superior. He arrives at this conclusion by applying his own lame, low self-esteem fueled logic. Nerd.

Anyway, check out the article and vote in the poll. Star Wars is winning anyway which just goes to show that yet another nerd got it WRONG.


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