GREEN LANTERN: Fuck off Timberlake

Apologies in advance: I’m posting this from the iPhone so if spelling is a bit erratic then its due to the fact that I’m typing in haste. Anyway, as you know we’ve been following the progress of the GREEN LANTERN MOVIE pretty closely. We love GL. He’s gotta be the coolest character in the DC Universe, hands down.

Anyway, it seems the role of Hal Jordan has been culled down to 3 contenders: Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake.

All I can say is: go Bradley Cooper! The idea of Timberlake playing the Emerald Crusader is enough to make me vomit blood. I’m sure director Martin Campbell will be championing Cooper. At least I hope that’s the case… The very fact that Timberlake is even in the mix smacks of studio intervention. Fuck off Timberlake! Stick to your white trash dance music bullshit and stay the Hell away from my beloved GL. You are not and never will be worthy of playing Hal Jordan.

UPDATE: is reporting that the role has been awarded to Ryan Reynolds. For mine, he’s not the perfect choice but he sure shits on Timberlake from a great height. Looking forward to this project finally getting up and running now!



2 Responses to “GREEN LANTERN: Fuck off Timberlake”

  1. Timberlake???! That’s crazy talk, he is no where near the character of Hal Jordon … Hollywood, they’re all nutbars!

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