1980 Time Waaaaaarp!

Found this little gem on YOUTUBE today so thought we’d share it. Man, it’s amazing how far chat shows and the marketing of films have come (as good or bad as that may be). The vibe here is so subdued and casual. Incredible really, considering Hamill and Ford are promoting the sequel to the largest film of all time.

Good to see morning show hosts were just as stupid 30 years ago. Shit, 30 years…


UPDATE: Sorry, guys. The nobs at YouTube deleted the videos. Drag. They were really cool too. Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill circa 1980 rapping on all things Empire. Cool shit. Anyway, hope some of you managed to catch the vids while they were still active…

UPDATE 2: He he…found new links! Eat that YouTube!!

Further thoughts: It’s interesting to note that Hamill and Ford were aware of Prequel plans even back in 1980!


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