Michael Jackson dead…again!

Renown nonce and all-round nut-job Michael Jackson is dead apparently.

Funny, I thought Jackson died somewhere around 1986 and we’ve just been watching his re-animated corpse dance around for the last 20 odd years. Certainly his ghoulish appearance and broken, zombie-like speech patterns of late would seem to suggest that was the case.

As students of Popular Culture, it’s probably assumed that we here at the Citadel should be sad to mourn the passing of a so-called icon of Pop. But we’re not. Jackson’s music was rubbish. You can only ride on the success on one good album for so long. And 25 years is too long to ride. And lets face it, Jackson is more famous now for what he did outside the recording studio, rather than in it. You know, things like dangling babies off balconies. The kind of idol behavior we should all look up to…

As a famous Stormtrooper once said as he stood upon the burning, sun-kissed sands of Tatooine: “Move along. Move along…”


4 Responses to “Michael Jackson dead…again!”

  1. Can’t help but agree. I could never quite overcome the feelings of revulsion at what he had done to his appearance not to mention his life.
    Perhaps the biggest pity is he was just ready to take on a new career as an alien monster in scifi movies. Such a waste…

  2. suburbanknights Says:

    I’m just disappointed we never got to see his face actually fall off in the middle of an interview or something. Bummer.

  3. If he wanted to have his body frozen after death I suppose it can still happen… but when he’s eventually thawed it may be a little hard to put it all back together.
    Possibly a better option might be to chop it all up, plasticise it and sell the bits on Ebay.

  4. suburbanknights Says:

    But isn’t he mainly plastic anyway?? I’m all for Ebaying the bitch, though.

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