SK2: Post-Production Update 2009 #3

So once again we’re having to apologise for not bringing you SK news more regularly. But the reality is that most spare time is spent putting the finishing touches on EPISODE 2. So in a way, no news is good news as it means SK2 draws ever closer.

Having said that, our primadonna ‘director’ has decided at the last minute to add another 15 seconds of action to a critical fight scene. Just when we thought we had final picture lock off! What a pretentious nob. He claims it’ll make the film better. Well, all we can say is “it damn well better make it better, art-boy, or you arse is out the door!”

This shouldn’t affect our completion date, thankfully, as audio post can continue around Tonkin’s artistic whims.

Anyway, the film’s looking well cool. So stay tuned. Not far off now! We’ll be sure to post details of public screenings as SK2 will likely debut at an event screening before hitting the web.


One Response to “SK2: Post-Production Update 2009 #3”

  1. 🙂

    Cool. Can’t wait.

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