Green Lantern Movie Update Part 6

As work continues on SUBURBAN KNIGHTS Episode 2: DEATH CRUSH, we thought we’d take a breather to bring you some more info on the development of the GREEN LANTERN MOVIE.

Info has been in short supply it must be said. However, we have managed to piece together a small snapshot of just where things are at with this highly anticipated project:

It seems fairly certain now that the film will shoot here in Australia with principal photography due to commence later this year. Whether it is QLD, NSW or VIC that lands the project has not been determined but it is an exciting development. Hollywood likes to shoot films out here because its cheaper and the expertise is on par with anything on offer in the US. And money saved in location costs means more money can be spent on script, FX, marketing etc. And that’s gotta be good.

Rumor has it a number of Australian based post-production houses are also pitching for some of the FX work. Whether all FX will be handled locally or only a portion has not been determined. But certainly it will provide a boost to our local industry.

It appears Warners is also making a pretty big attempt to lure Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) to direct. This is the most exciting news to date. Campbell is a seasoned action director with a classy resume. Exactly the sort of credibility that GL deserves. So here’s hoping Campbell lands the job. Originally scriptwriter Greg Berlanti was to direct the GL film, but it now seems Warners want some experience to see this through.

Well that’s about it so far on current news relating to our favourite ring-slinger’s big screen debut. Fingers crossed this project continues to gain momentum. HAL JORDAN and his LEGION of fans deserve nothing less than a great film. Rumor has it the script kicks arse. Personally, I can’t wait to see it. Let’s just hope they don’t cast some pretty-boy twat in the lead role. To be continued…



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