SK2: Post Production Update 2009 #2

Hey fans. Just a quick update to let you know where things are at with the next spasm-inducing SK Episode.

As of writing, 60% of the Visual Effects work are complete. Sadly, 2 of our highly trained roto-chimps had to be destroyed due to some sloppy work and quite frankly, a complete lack of commitment to their work. Fortunately, some former US Navy Seal Mine-Hunting dolphins have “come into our possession” and they seem happy to continue where our lazy-arse monkeys left off. Although one or two of them are struggling to get their computers to work well underwater. Ah well, stiff shit. That’s their problem to sort out. They’re not getting paid to float around on their stomachs and bitch.

In March, our slack Producer is going overseas on a fact-finding mission. Although to be honest it’s more likely a boozey press junket. Anyway, the aim is to have the majority of the FX work done by then so the film can be handed over to the sound dept. which is housed in the carpark level of the Citadel. Those sound guys are great and can’t wait to get cracking on the amazing Episode 2. Hey, who can blame them? So while producer-boy Tonkin is off Globe-trotting, some of us left back here can actually get some work done.

In the meantime, here’s some more images:



2 Responses to “SK2: Post Production Update 2009 #2”

  1. Cool, good to hear it’s roaring along. Although the images are pretty average as teasers go. Come on, tease us with something really juicy – get those dolphins to work!

  2. suburbanknights Says:

    Hey, we don’t wanna give away too much juicy shit! And believe me, it’s brain-blowing!

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