SK2: Crypto-Image #13

Sorry, but it’s super-cryptic this time….meh, you’ll get it when you see the film.

PS: There’s a clue in SK1




4 Responses to “SK2: Crypto-Image #13”

  1. Found it!

    It’s Master Obi-Wanker’s light saber, just before he’s about to rush out to kick Darth Death’s arse, Bobba Fett is standing there on the cabinet next to the TV.

  2. suburbanknights Says:

    Close, Padawan. You’re correct in saying that OWK has a Boba Statue in his Jedi Temple. And yes, that is OWK’s blade. But is he about to rush out and tear DD a new one??? Only time will tell.

  3. Love your work but the clues are killin me – when will episode two be on our screens ?? Keep bustin some editing butt and lock the citadel doors – its too hot to go out – get crackin – can’t wait! shawhipppp

  4. suburbanknights Says:

    Leila, thanks for your kind words. Yes, our work is great, isn’t it?

    The laborious rotoscoping of Lightsabers continues around the clock. Sadly we’ve already lost two of our trained roto-chimps due to chronic RSI. But, hey, that’s life. So with any luck, and if the Force remains with us, we should have Ep2 DEATH CRUSH to you by around April.

    Remain patient. The Knights will not desert you!

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