SK2: Post Production Update 2009 #1

Hey fans. Yeah so sorry about the lack of fresh news over the last month and a half but what with Christmas/New Year’s and all that bollocks, we here at the Citadel have found ourselves getting somewhat side-tracked and diverted away from our REAL purpose.

Anyway, it’s a new year and with that brings a re-invigoration of our dedication to the completion of EPISODE TWO: DEATH CRUSH. As of Jan 1, work has recommenced at a steady rate and we’re happy to announce that we are now heavily into the rotoscoping phase and inching ever closer to bringing the next installment of the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS saga to your hungered eyeballs.

In the meantime, here’s a look at your favorite Suburban Bad-Asses in all their Saber-flailing glory.



3 Responses to “SK2: Post Production Update 2009 #1”

  1. Hehe.. Pretty cool lightsabers…

  2. suburbanknights Says:

    Cheers Zenia. I just checked out your website. You guys must be Rotoscoping machines! Keep watching the Knights, bro!

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