Indy 5?

Found an interesting article over at TFN stole it from somewhere else so I have no qualms about nicking it and posting it here.

Now I actually really liked Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I know some Indy ‘fan’s didn’t. But for me it worked and slotted nicely into the Indy mythology.

What isn’t widely known is that the person initially responsible for a 4th Indiana Jones film is Harrison Ford. In the early 90s Ford started hassling Lucas and Spielberg to consider doing a 4th film. Ironic really, considering that initially Ford couldn’t wait to be done with the original trilogy so he could be released to do other projects. After years of false starts and countless script re-writes, KOTCS finally got made.

Now it seems Ford is already planting the seed of a 5th Indy film in the hope that it will see the light of day. Personally I think this is great. I don’t think Ford’s age remotely detracted from KOTCS and I could easily see him going around for a 5th outing. I just hope they don’t wait another 19 years before releasing it.

MTV:Is a fifth “Indiana Jones” film inevitable?
Ford: I don’t know. If we come up with a good idea … Send
MTV: Is the ball in George Lucas’ court at this point?
Ford: It is. That’s the process. With some general input, he goes off and searches for the MacGuffin [Ed. note: That’s the plot device that propels the story, i.e. the Ark] and then stumbles into a story. And at some point, we have a chance to take a look at it and give some input.
MTV: And he hasn’t found the MacGuffin yet?
Ford: No, we’re still in the primary stages.
MTV: The end of the last film leaves your character in a very intriguing position. He has a wife and a kid. Can he still be that man of adventure with those commitments?
Ford: And he’s seen something. Remember those are the only witnesses to what he’s seen. That’s kind of interesting.
MTV: James Bond is a franchise that’s figured out how to ably switch between actors. If, in 50 years, they find another man to play Indiana Jones, would that sit all right with you?
Ford: The very simple addition of numbers would make it clear that in 50 years I will not give a sh– at all. I will so not care.
MTV: Well what if you knew today that someone else would wear the hat one day?
Ford: Fifty years from now, they can do anything they want.


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