Random Thoughts: Mike the Undervalued

So I was sitting in the boardroom of the SK Citadel the other day musing with a few colleagues over some of our favorite TV sitcoms. Because we were all men of taste, naturally all of our faves were British.

Inevitably, the subject of the YOUNG ONES came up.

Now it should come as no surprise to anyone whose witnessed the genius of Suburban Knights that the YOUNG ONES should be one of our favorite shows. Just about anyone with any semblance of class who has seen the show is a fan. We all love the mad rantings of Rik, the unadulterated violence of Vyv and the mind-numbingly boring ramblings of Neil.

Yet when pondering the show, the character that seems most overlooked is that of Mike the Cool Person.

Christopher Ryan, who played Mike, did not come from the same stand up comic background such as that of Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmonson, Nigel Planner or Alexei Sayle. However, in our opinion, Mike bought as much balance and wit to ensemble as the rest of the cast members. Indeed, when reflecting on the show, I think it is fair to say that Mike delivered some of our favorite one liners.

So because we had nothing better to do, we thought we’d post a few here to see if they conjure up the same fond memories for you as they did for us. Enjoy, and feel free to submit some of your favorite Mike quotes:

  • “Rik, I do not wish to suggest that your jokes are predictable, but there are as-yet undiscovered tribes in the heart of the Peruvian Jungle who knew you were gonna say that.”
  • “A guilty conscious is like a garden shed: you try to eat it and it’ll get stuck in your throat.”
  • “Rik, life is like a burnt steak: hard, tough and the chips are always stacked against it!”
  • “…so I slid down there, forged my signature and Bob’s your Aunty’s live-in lover.”
  • “If the World’s an egg, sweetheart, then I’m the Lion stamped on the side.”
  • “I know what you’re thinking, baby, and if I was to tell you, you’d think I was talking in centimetres.”
  • “Of course I’m sure! I only made it up just now!
  • “Quick! Call an ambulance…I’ve just nailed my legs to the table!”
  • And so on…


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