Green Lantern Movie Update Part 5


LATINO REVIEW has an interesting article claiming that RYAN GOSLING is the frontrunner to play HAL JORDAN in the GREEN LANTERN movie which may start filming as early as Feb 2009.

Man, is it just me or has this film suddenly shifted into overdrive?

A month ago it seemed a GREEN LANTERN film was a distant dream, now the monkey boys in Hollywood are gearing up to shoot!?

Personally, Gosling does nothing for me. But at least he has the right colour hair. Dude better beef up, though. Quickly.


5 Responses to “Green Lantern Movie Update Part 5”

  1. Typical, bloody typical.

    Pick some fashionable, up and coming pretty boy who’s popular with the studios, but bears sod all resemblance to the hero in question.

    What is WRONG with these numbnuts? Their heads are so deeply inserted up their own back-passages that they can’t see the light of day – let alone the lack of appropriate likeness in a casting session. Hal jordan is a classic, square-jawed alpha male type, with jacked guns and ripped abs, not some weedy 90210 wanna be.

    Hal spends his days punching on with intergalactic badasses, and taking out the cosmic trash when it gives him some jip. This pasty faced tosser looks like he’d pass out if you sneezed on him. Not to mention AGE. How old is Hal? Given he is a test-pilot, which requires years of study, then military service, I’d put him firmly in the late 20’s – early 30’s bracket. This teen poster boy looks like he is fresh out of high school, and screaming out for a cosmic wedgy.

    Suffice to say I predict another Hollywood shambles on the scale of Superman Returns. Get some trendy director-of-the-day to cock his leg on a much loved and cherished mythology, and leave us with another adventure in wank-ville.

    It doesn’t pay to love superheroes.

  2. suburbanknights Says:

    Apparently, Hal in the script is 27. Same age as Gosling.

    Ideally, Hal should be early 30s.

    Agreed that whom ever plays him needs to be a 6’2″ bad arse with a decent pair of guns and a jaw like a set-square.

    I still retain hope in the project given the success of Dark Knight. I think DC/Warners understand now (finally) how to make a good superhero film.

    I hope.

  3. What do you think about Mark Wahlberg and Ryan Reynolds playing Hal Jordan??

    • suburbanknights Says:

      No. Neither of them are any good. I’m hoping for a new face. Someone who can define the role. I trust Martin Campbell to do the right thing. He proved that with casting Daniel Craig as Bond.

  4. cocobarbie Says:

    Gosslin is all wrong. He’s not super hero material. I think I suggested Jason on another board, but he looks more like Guy Gardner if you color his hair red.

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