Dudes what could play HAL JORDAN

So the previous post about the possibility of Gosling playing HAL JORDAN got me thinking: who would be a better Hal?

Here are some quick, initial thoughts:

1: Scott Maslen: Regular on British soaps The Bill and Eastenders. Might be kinda small but he looks just like Hal when Joe Staton used to draw him. He’s the right age too.

2: Thomas Jane: I really digged Tom Jane in The Punisher and always thought he’d make a great Hal. Has the guns to do it.

3: John Cena: OK so he may be a WWE numb-nut but the dude is born to play a superhero. Looks just right and may have the persona to pull it off.

4: Jason Lewis: Andrew NDB over at thegreenlanterncorps.com suggested this dude. I’m not familiar with his work but dang it, he looks just like Hal. Might be a bit too pretty, but.

So give me some more ideas on who would do a better job than that weed Gosling.


3 Responses to “Dudes what could play HAL JORDAN”

  1. I think someone who can pull off the character and heart of the story is the best way to go – especially over some square-jawed dude. Scott Maslen looks like a good option. Ryan Gosling is an odd choice but he has the acting chops to carry off a real emotional character. Have to think about other options….

  2. Holy moley – Jason Lewis! sign that pretty boy up – he’s a dead-ringer.

    Typical, it took a proper FAN to point out a good candidate.

  3. suburbanknights Says:

    Yep. Typical.

    Hollywood = hacks.

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