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Dudes what could play HAL JORDAN

Posted in Green Lantern Movie News by Darth Death on October 10, 2008 by Tonk

So the previous post about the possibility of Gosling playing HAL JORDAN got me thinking: who would be a better Hal?

Here are some quick, initial thoughts:

1: Scott Maslen: Regular on British soaps The Bill and Eastenders. Might be kinda small but he looks just like Hal when Joe Staton used to draw him. He’s the right age too.

2: Thomas Jane: I really digged Tom Jane in The Punisher and always thought he’d make a great Hal. Has the guns to do it.

3: John Cena: OK so he may be a WWE numb-nut but the dude is born to play a superhero. Looks just right and may have the persona to pull it off.

4: Jason Lewis: Andrew NDB over at suggested this dude. I’m not familiar with his work but dang it, he looks just like Hal. Might be a bit too pretty, but.

So give me some more ideas on who would do a better job than that weed Gosling.


Green Lantern Movie Update Part 5

Posted in Green Lantern Movie News by Darth Death on October 10, 2008 by Tonk


LATINO REVIEW has an interesting article claiming that RYAN GOSLING is the frontrunner to play HAL JORDAN in the GREEN LANTERN movie which may start filming as early as Feb 2009.

Man, is it just me or has this film suddenly shifted into overdrive?

A month ago it seemed a GREEN LANTERN film was a distant dream, now the monkey boys in Hollywood are gearing up to shoot!?

Personally, Gosling does nothing for me. But at least he has the right colour hair. Dude better beef up, though. Quickly.