SK2: Shootin’ Update

So things are once again ticking over nicely here at the Citadel as SK2 shooting is back on track.

We’ve completed another few days’ worth of filming and unless the universe conspires against us (which isn’t out of the question) we should have all principal photography wrapped within the next 2 weeks.

All scenes that have so far been shot are already edited. So we’ve got a pretty good grasp on how SK2 is coming together. And I gotta say: so far, so shit-hot.

We’re staring down the barrel of a pretty lengthy post-production period on SK2 due to the fact that we have about 5 times more lightsaber action this time around. Yes, you read that right: 5 times more! So strap yourselves in, nerds, because it’s gonna be one freakin’ great ride.

All we gotta do now is just train up a few more chimps and get them primed for the hundreds of rotoscoping hours that lay before them…poor furry bastards.


2 Responses to “SK2: Shootin’ Update”

  1. Sweet. Can’t wait to see Sarah whip Darth Death’s candy ass!

  2. suburbanknights Says:

    Your patience will be rewarded, Acolyte.

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