Tomorrow, Sept. 17, sees the release of the much anticipated and shit-hot looking STAR WARS: THE FORCE UNLEASHED on the Xbox 360.

LucasArts are well overdue to produce a kick arse Star Wars game. None of us here at the Citadel were particular fans of the Knights of the old Republic series. They were just a tad too slow and tedious. I know that opinion will boil the blood of some hard core KOTOR fans out there. But face it, nerds. KOTOR was a snore.

At least with SW: TFU, it looks like we’ll be able to indulge in some legitimate Force enabled arse-kicking and spend many long hours blowing shit up for the sheer sake of it. After all, that’s what video games are all about: visceral, fantastic violence and destruction, right? You bet!

Things are gonna be pretty busy here at the Citadel over the next few weeks as SK2 filming recommences. But rest assured: any down-time will be spent putting TFU through its Force-smashing, Stormtrooper-hurling paces. After all, we OWE it to you to play this game to within an inch of its life and give YOU our expert opinion of it. I mean, that’s what we live for!


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