Green Lantern Movie Update Part 2

Okay, so we’re kinda getting the news out of order but, there’s a cool article at from last month about what stage the GREN LANTERN script is at. Sounds pretty damn cool. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Emerald Dawn comic mini-series from 18 years ago, but I will admit that it does read a lot like a film script. I don’t think Emerald Dawn did anything wrong per se, I just think it was an ok story and never really blew me away. But as a basis for a film I think it would totally work. Especially if the character of Sinestro is given some decent screen time.

And for an update on exactly where Warners is with their DC character films, go HERE. Good to see Warners is finally getting it. Booting George Miller from JLA is a great start.


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