Green Lantern Movie Update Part 1

Well its been made fairly plain throughout the short history of the KNIGHT MOVES BLOG that several of us here at the Citadel are pretty big GREEN LANTERN fans. Especially that old bastard, Death. Anyway, one of our legions of followers sent us THIS LINK which shows several pieces of early pre-production artwork from the ‘in-development’ Green Lantern movie.

As you can imagine, we were all pretty amped to get anything regarding this project so we decided to report on it here and do our best to bring you updates on the GL movie as they come to hand.

Admittedly, not much is known of the project at this stage other than the fact that writers Marc Guggenheim, Greg Berlanti and Michael Green are putting together a script as we speak. Sketchy reports at this stage can confirm that the lead character will be HAL JORDAN. This comes as great news because REAL Green Lantern fans consider Jordan to be the one true Green Lantern of Earth. Jordan has contemporary Earth GL’s who he works with: Kyle Raynor, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Alan Scott. But to many fans Jordan, who is also once again DC’s lead character in the GL comic, is the main man. John Stewart is scheduled to appear as the GL in the George Miller JUSTICE LEAGUE film, so early fears were that a GL film would not feature Hal Jordan. Anyway, those fears can be put to rest.

What is also known about the GL film at present is that the writers are being very faithful to the source material and seem to be scouring the key elements of the Silver age of Green Lantern for their script.

As much as these early pieces of artwork excite us, what does raise concern is the dramatic costume change that seems to be going on with Jordan’s GL suit. Now why has Warner’s and DC decided to get into this mindset of altering their characters’ look for film? Superman Returns and both Batman Begins and the Dark Knight see Superman and Batman undergo considerable costume changes from their comic book incarnations. Why, why, why??? Marvel don’t do it. Look at Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man: they all look just as they do in the comics. Their comic book looks are iconic. It is such a big part of what defines the characters. It makes no sense to us to alter their looks for cinema. But then what the Hell do we know? We’re only the suckers who buy up all this stuff and follow the characters for years and years…

So anyway, costumes aside, the GL flick seems to be shaping up ok. I reckon that the success of The Dark Knight has made Warners and DC stop and reassess all the comic films they have in development and consider the fact that that they really DO need to get their scripts right. Do that and the audiences will come.

So here’s a look at the current design of the film version of Hal Jordan. Its fair to say this is early artwork and will no doubt undergo revisions. At least I hope so:

And here’s what it should look like:


2 Responses to “Green Lantern Movie Update Part 1”

  1. Brent Staugler Says:

    The new suit that they are showing for the new Green Lantern movie is not that good. I like the full green torso and the white gloves. They are saying the movie is going to be just like the comics but with a different suit, that is not staying true to the comic book Green Lantern/Hal Jordan. If they say they are going to stay true to the comics then they need to stay true to the comics in every way. They need to have the comic book suit for Green Lantern because that really defines Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. That is why each Green Lantern on Earth has a different suit, it is there own distinct feature as a Green Lantern. Just go with the original Hal Jordan suit and please the true Hal Jordan fans.

  2. suburbanknights Says:

    Totally agree, man. Hal’s comic book uniform is one of the ones that would translate easily to screen. At least he doesn’t wear jocks like Supes or Batman. It’s effectively a green and black body suit. I just hate that green ‘bib’ in that new design. And YES the white gloves are a must!!!

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