SK2: Crypto-Image #7 & 8 + Shootin’ Update

Hi fans. A double special treat for you today. 2 Crypto-Images and a Shootin’ Update.

Production of SK2 has slowed a little over the last few weeks. Trust us: this is not by design.

The reality of self-funded filmmaking is that you rely a lot on other people doing you favors. To a large extent that means that your schedule is pretty much dictated to you by the other commitments your crew may have outside of the production.

I know what you’re thinking: “But surely there is nothing more important than bringing SK2 to the masses!?” And you’d be right. Unfortunately, we as compassionate producers, accept the fact that people have lives outside of the SK Citadel and we must respect their need to get on with those lives.

Plus, as SK2 is a much more ambitious project than SK1, certain logistical hurdles have had to be overcome which we’ve previously not had to deal with. Namely, finding and securing locations. Again, being a self-funded project, SK2 is essentially paid for by our producers turning tricks or selling some of their organs for scientific research. This means, especially given the state of Craig’s liver, that money is scarce. Locations must be obtained for free or by breaking into them when nobody is looking. Issues such as this can slow production, as has been the case here.

But we’re now happy to report that filming is back on schedule and with any luck, SK2: Death Crush should be scorching it’s way onto your retina within a few months. Apologies for the delay, but as I’m sure you can appreciate, great art never comes easy.


2 Responses to “SK2: Crypto-Image #7 & 8 + Shootin’ Update”

  1. BrettSnelgrove Says:

    SK2: Death Crush! Love it!!!

    So does that mean Darth Death will CRUSH or be CRUSHED????

  2. suburbanknights Says:

    A bit of both……you’ll just have to wait and see!!!!!!!!!

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