Death Sentences: Random Goodness

Comic Books: they can either be a source of great escapism and adventure or a depressing journey into mediocrity. Anyone who has read comics on a consistent basis will know that its a total gamble as to what you’re gonna get when you drop your coin on a latest issue.

Now it’s no secret that Darth Death is a big GREEN LANTERN fan. I’m talkin’ about the REAL GL: Hal Jordan. Sure the other GLs have their place in the DC Universe, but for DD’s money, Jordan is and always will be Earth’s greatest Green Lantern.

After DC basically shafted the character of Jordan for over 20 years, its great to see both Hal and his book undergoing a real renaissance.

Geoff Johns and Ivan Ries continue to pump out brilliant issues each month. The current story arc is a 7-parter entitled “Secret Origins”. It sees Hal Jordan’s origin once again retold in order to set up the framework for 2009’s massive Green Lantern story arc, BLACKEST NIGHT.

If you’ve ever been interested in the awesomeness of Green Lantern then this is s great time to get into the title as it is effectively re-booting Hal Jordan and setting up the book for some exciting stories to come.

I thought this story arc was worthy of mention here due to the fact that comic books in general, whilst far better than they were 10 years ago, seem to be very hit and miss these days. Great story combined with great artwork is a rare find and I strongly recommend anyone interested in solid Science Fantasy and rich mythology to pick up a copy of GL. You won’t regret it.


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