Further proof of why King George rules

We found this really cool interview with George Lucas on the HERALD SUN website.

It gives a great insight into some of George’s philosophies and illustrates how incredibly grounded he remains despite his stupendous success.

We’re not stupid. We know Star Wars has its detractors, especially in this cynical age in which we live. But thank Christ dudes like George are around to just do what they wanna do despite the amount of crap some douche-bags pile on them.

George would be totally within his right to just shove two fingers up to the World and say: “Screw the lot of you! I gave you these great gifts of Star Wars and Indiana Jones and American Graffiti and Pixar. Now I’m just gonna bugger off and wallow in my cash!” But no, George just keeps on giving.

What a freaking legend.

BTW….CLONE WARS opens in a week!


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