LucasFilm sues Stormtrooper Dude

As reported HERE Lucasfilm is suing the original Stormtrooper Costume maker for a crap-load of cash.

I can kinda see Lucasfilm’s point. I mean the dude is flogging Stormtrooper costumes made from an original mould, albeit a mould that he built. And he is knocking them out for several grand a piece, unlicensed. But what a potential bummer!

I, like most Star Wars fans have longed to own my own Stormtrooper outfit. One that is as close to authentic as possible. Now, if this dude has been successfully sued does that put an end to the supply of genuine Stormtrooper outfits?!

If so, drag.

Lucasfilm seem pretty cool when it comes to allowing people to have fun with their brands and images. Such as fan films, fan made costumes, etc. But clearly if anyone intends to make big coin without asking LucasFilm, then they’re gonna end up in a World of Financial Hurt.

Thank Christ Suburban Knights is a NOT FOR PROFIT project!….I’ll just repeat that: NOT FOR PROFIT project!

Here’s a video of a nerd in what could well be one of the now illegal Stormtrooper costumes….Lucky bastard:


2 Responses to “LucasFilm sues Stormtrooper Dude”

  1. Unfortunately, I think this is fair play. The costume is a Lucas I.P. (intellectual property) and as such, it fundamentally belongs to him. I’d hate to be the guy – I think this is an open and shut case of profiteering on someone else’s property. He’s dog food. He’ll probably end up giving George foot-massages for the rest of his life.

  2. suburbanknights Says:

    Still makes him a lucky bastard.

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