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CLONE WARS gear hits the Citadel

Posted in News from the SK Citadel on April 18, 2008 by Tonk

Darth Death was bouncing around the Citadel today like a mad gimp as a package had arrived for him from LucasFilm.

After we pulled him down from the rafters we took a couple of snapshots of the idiot in his spanking new CLONE WARS T-Shirt, the FIRST Official piece of Clone Wars Mechandise to hit the internet.

Ol’ DD had actually pre-ordered this a month or so ago online and had nearly forgotten about it when it turned up. But as soon as he’d ripped the package open he was into it quicker than a Proton Torpedo down an Exhaust Port.

Good ol’ Darth Death. What a whacky funster!


DEATH SENTENCES 4: New Frontier Review

Posted in Death Sentences on April 15, 2008 by Tonk

new frontier DVD

Death here again. Yeah okay, so you may be wondering “Why the Hell is ol’ DD reviewing a Justice League cartoon on a generally Star Wars related blog?” To which my answer would be “Sod off, this is my freakin’ blog and I can do what ever the f*ck I want! Now shut up and learn something!”

Previously on Death Sentences, I’ve banged on about my fears for the upcoming live action JUSTICE LEAGUE movie being directed by George Miller. And I think I made my feelings pretty clear on the matter. Well here’s a message for Mr. Miller: Pack up and go home because a great JUSTICE LEAGUE film has just been released and I can’t see you coming anywhere near this you over-rated hack.

Its sad really. You’ll only find this sweet little gem of a film tucked away in the ‘Kids’ section of your local DVD store. Weird really considering its rated ‘M’. A small tidbit no doubt missed by the cretins who stock the shelves of my nearest JB HiFi.

Justice League: The New Frontier has arrived without any kind of marketing which means it will forever remain a relative secret to the select few who seek it out. And seek it out they should because this film shows how Superhero movies should be done.

To those who don’t know, (and that’ll be most of you) The New Frontier is based on the highly acclaimed comic book mini series of the same name. The series, written and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke, re-tells the early days of the Justice League in the 1950s at the height of the Cold War. Cooke explores aspects of characters such as Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and the Flash that had previously not been seen. We get to see what Hal Jordan was like before he became Green Lantern. How J’onn J’onzz adapted to his new home before becoming the Martian Manhunter, what the relationship was like between Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman and how each sought different ways in which to deliver what they considered ‘Justice’. Its a great read and highly recommended.

The direct-to-DVD New Frontier movie is the second film from DC’s animation studios. Visually, the style is lifted straight from Cooke’s artwork. So from the first frame you feel like you’re watching the comic and in many ways, something that was produced in the 60s.

As is always the case with novel to film adaptations, many sub-plots have been omitted but that by no means detracts from the story which, for the sake of clarity, the producers have chosen to focus on Hal Jordan and J’onn J’onzz.

The action and pace of the story move incredibly fast so attention to detail is required throughout. It is clear that Producer Bruce Timm has great fondness for the subject matter as the narrative and directorial style is handled incredibly well.

Part of me wishes that all Superhero films were animated. There always seems to be some magic lost in the translation to live action. Like the original comic series, this is no kids film. Unfortunately, the uneducated will treat it as such and it will be sadly overlooked by many, purely because it is animation.

I don’t wish to give too much of the story away in this review. Suffice it to say that if you’re sick of coughing up cash time and time again to see yet another Superhero film fail to deliver, then do yourself a favour and get to your nearest DVD shop. Pick this up, sit back and enjoy what a Superhero movie should be.


Posted in News from the SK Citadel on April 15, 2008 by Tonk

west side shorts

Cool news for acolytes living in Melbourne: SUBURBAN KNIGHTS Episode 1: The Reckoning will be screening at West Side Shorts on May 13.

So all you SK Fans need to get yourselves to the JUNCTION HOTEL, Newport by 8:30pm and check out the Knights on the big screen. You can then stick around, have a drink and chat about how great we are. Sound like fun? I think so!

Further details about the night will be posted here as we receive them. So stay tuned!

LucasFilm sues Stormtrooper Dude

Posted in News from the SK Citadel on April 8, 2008 by Tonk

As reported HERE Lucasfilm is suing the original Stormtrooper Costume maker for a crap-load of cash.

I can kinda see Lucasfilm’s point. I mean the dude is flogging Stormtrooper costumes made from an original mould, albeit a mould that he built. And he is knocking them out for several grand a piece, unlicensed. But what a potential bummer!

I, like most Star Wars fans have longed to own my own Stormtrooper outfit. One that is as close to authentic as possible. Now, if this dude has been successfully sued does that put an end to the supply of genuine Stormtrooper outfits?!

If so, drag.

Lucasfilm seem pretty cool when it comes to allowing people to have fun with their brands and images. Such as fan films, fan made costumes, etc. But clearly if anyone intends to make big coin without asking LucasFilm, then they’re gonna end up in a World of Financial Hurt.

Thank Christ Suburban Knights is a NOT FOR PROFIT project!….I’ll just repeat that: NOT FOR PROFIT project!

Here’s a video of a nerd in what could well be one of the now illegal Stormtrooper costumes….Lucky bastard:


Posted in News from the SK Citadel on April 7, 2008 by Tonk

There’s a COOL VIDEO over at giving a pretty nice insight into the upcoming CLONE WARS Movie and TV series.

We’re pretty pumped about the Clone Wars project. Visually it looks amazing and the serious, dramitic approach to animation is something we don’t see enough of in Western Culture.

Some losers claim that George failed with the Prequel Trilogy. And to be honest those people need to wake up and smell their own mediocrity. Funny how the Prequels still remain as some of the most successful films in history. A small fact often lost on the Prequel naysayers. The Prequels are great. That’s FACT. And Clone Wars looks like its just gonna add further brilliance to the rich tapestry of the Star Wars Saga.