Video Games are great. Those who think otherwise are losers in denial.

Video Games can satisfy the entire range of the emotional spectrum. From fulfulling ones’s desire to fully own Wario’s arse in Mario Kart to committing genocide on an evil alien race in Halo. Video Games offer it all.

But one sensation Video Games have come up short on is the ablity to wield the Force. Sure, attempts have been made from the rather clunky Knights of the Old Republic series. To the more visceral yet repetitive Battlefront 2. But finally there seems to be a game on the horizon that may just quench every nerd’s desire to fully wield the Force. That game is STAR WARS: THE FORCE UNLEASHED.

LucasArts have a hit and miss record when it comes to delivering kick-arse games. And to be frank, they’re due. I’m not gonna rave about TFU until I’ve played it 7 times thru. But for the time being I’m happily excited about the recent game demo that’s just appeared online. CHECK IT OUT.

If you’ve ever wanted to hurl Stormtroopers around like rag-dolls or yank a Star Destroyer out of orbit for the Hell of it then this looks like the game for you. The geeks that have made the game have designed a new graphics engine that creates a more realistic sensation of objects exploding and breaking apart. And AI (artificially intelligent) characters that will cling to one another and their environments in a vein attempt to survive. Looks like fun.

force unleashed small


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