New Star Wars movie coming. For real.

Holy. Shit.

Intense, persistent rumors are flying around the internet suggesting that the first 3 (or maybe 4) episodes of the new CLONE WARS series will be strung together for a feature length cinematic release. At least in Europe.

An animated Star Wars movie? Can you dig it? We can!

Seems these rumors have some basis in fact with Lucasfilm reps not exactly denying them.

So stay tuned. Any info on this exciting development will end up here. On YOUR Knight Moves Blog.

Oh, man. An Indy film and a Star Wars film in the same year? Colour me EXCITED!

clone wars poster


2 Responses to “New Star Wars movie coming. For real.”

  1. Holy Fuck I just found out an hour ago!


  2. suburbanknights Says:

    Yeah, we shot our collective loads too. (Metaphorically speaking). Can’t wait for it, man!

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