Indy 4 Trouserial Excitement

Anything that comes from George Lucas’ brain is genius. Fact.

That’s why we here at the Citadel get all excited in the pants department whenever ANYTHING new leaks out of Lucasfilm.

We pinched this image from ‘Ain’t It Cool News’ who in turn nicked it from somewhere else. So we thought we might as well post it here so someone could nick it from us.

We’ve no idea what this image is about but we do know its from the new Indiana Jones movie. And if the idea of a new Indiana Jones movie doesn’t make you go all weak at the knees like a schoolgirl then quite frankly you have no soul and deserve to wind up like the dude in the background of this image.

Anyway, dig this pic. We did.



One Response to “Indy 4 Trouserial Excitement”

  1. Oh No!
    He kinda just looks really old and haggard!
    Don’t get me wrong – the indy films are right up there in my top 30 films of all time – I watched them maybe a GAZILLION times as a kid – but jeasus……. I just reckon he’s too damn old to really play indy anymore! He can’t even really deliver his lines these days – have you noticed?? He just kinda hunches over and grunts and mumbles as he shifts his eyes around left and right. It’s like watching your grandpa at sunday lunch.
    *sigh* If only River Phoenix was still alive.

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