Knights do Breakfast

Once again the brilliant Channel 31 has endorsed the mind-blowing genius of the Suburban Knights.

This morning, Our Leader, Craig ‘yes officer, these pants are legal’ Tonkin and his cooler brother Dan were interviewed on the hard-hitting, no-holds-barred, ground-shattering Breakfast Show. Click here to visit their site

Hosts Emma Race, Justin Kennedy and Honorary Knight, Dan Walmsley (of Planet Nerd) put our Knights under the griller and took no prisoners during the probing interview. Craig and Dan fended off questions left, right and centre as the Breakfast Show hosts plumbed the depths of their sophisticated, wise and in many ways, perverted knowledge.

Meanwhile, Suburban Knights – Episode 2: DEATH CRUSH is entering the pre-production phase. Things are starting to hot up here at the Citadel. And its not just because our air-conditioning is rat-shit. We hope to bring you some exciting news very soon on how the latest entry in the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS SAGA is shaping up.

So stay tuned, acolytes!

breakfast show


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