Star Wars TV: Lucas Lives

Apologies again for the infrequency of the blogging of late. But things are a little slow in the realm of the Knights. But FEAR NOT! Writing on episode 2 continues and we hope to be in production soon.

Meanwhile, our Lord and Inspiration appears to be moving ahead with the much anticipated Star Wars live action TV show, as this article in Hollywood Insider points out.

Oh, mama. Are we excited!

Clealy Star Wars is far from dead. With the new Clone Wars series due out next year and the live action show due sometime in 2009, there’s plenty for us fans to hang our collective hats on.

Later, freaks!

clone wars poster

UPDATE: OK, so it seems this article is still getting fair bit of traffic, so I thought we’d better update you. It’s 2009 and clearly there’s no Star Wars Live Action TV show due on our screens anytime soon. Much to our disappointment. However, it seems the development of the series continues. Lucasfilm have announced that the series will shoot in Australia, which is great for our local industry. It’s been reported that casting has actually already begun.

Most likely scenario is that we’ll see the new SW series sometime in 2011. Lucas has said that he wants to produce at least one series of the show before shopping it around to networks. So given that, I think 2011 is the earliest we’ll see anything. In the meantime, keep watching the KNIGHTS!


2 Responses to “Star Wars TV: Lucas Lives”

  1. What was your take on the CGI series? It was not perfect, but there were many fun scenes like Yoda cutting loose.

    I would value the opinion of a fan. Here is my take on the whole first season (with pics) if you are interested:

    • suburbanknights Says:

      To be honest I ain’t seen much of the Clone Wars series. it’s in a really terrible time slot here. I’m just gonna grab series one when its released on DVD in a few months. I liked the Clone Wars movie, tho.

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