Skywalker kicks Potter’s arse: Proof

Ok so this is pretty dumb, but worth checking out as it proves what we already know.

This quick questionnaire puts the argument to rest. (That’s if there was ever an argument to begin with) Be sure to compare the results at the end.


4 Responses to “Skywalker kicks Potter’s arse: Proof”

  1. I have to say, from what little I know about the intricacies of the Harry Potter character (ok, mostly from the films) he never actually does anything cool. I mean, that scene where he has to get the dragon’s egg in that piss-poor tournament, you’d think he has no magical powers whatsoever. Obviously it doesn’t take much to pass for a wizard down at Hogwart’s. The point is, Luke would have him shish-kebab’d on the end of his saber before you can say ‘gee this puberty is playing havoc with my wand’.

  2. suburbanknights Says:

    I’d love to see Potter and Vader in a one on one smackdown. Vader could take out Potter with one well-timed metallic head-but to his four-eyed, lighting-bolt-scarred gimpish noggin. Leaving Harry’s whinging girlfriend and ginger-nut nerd mate to pick up the pieces.

  3. Lost interest as soon as I saw the first competition. Harry’s soft but luke’s a whining pussy. It would be like watching a plate of custard battling a mashed banana.

  4. suburbanknights Says:

    Them’s fighting words, Aethsmatic. Luke may be a whiner (occasionally) but he could turn your arse into a Sarlacc salad.

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