Keep a lid on it

We’ve been getting lots of fan mail. No really, stacks of the crap. We’ve had to knock through one of the walls of the Citadel to make room for it. And Obi Wan-Ker’s had to start sleeping in the kitchen. Anyway, the question often comes up: “So when’s ‘Suburban Knights Episode 2’ come out? Huh? When? WHEN!?”. So we thought we’d bring you up to speed. Because we’re like that. We care about our fanbase. We really do.

Bottom line is: Don’t sweat. It’s going through the writing stage now. Unfortunately our writer is such a fussy and particular creative savant that it could take anywhere between 5 minutes and 37 years before he’s finished. Talented bastard. Anyway, rest assured, its coming. We want to do the right thing by Death and Wan-Ker and that means putting together a script that is top notch. Top NOTCH. And not the Kindergarten standard rubbish we dished out for Episode 1.


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